Weapons – Toukiden 2 Guide

Weapons – Toukiden 2 Guide

There are 11 different weapons in Toukiden 2, not including the Demon

Toukiden 2 – General farming/build guide

English Toukiden 2 Google Document – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NOk8jt1VMAdOgdC9lhLytIE8lwSKnHBWW8-Ua5oNGXk/htmlview?sle=#

Is Toukiden 2 a Good Monster Hunter Game? #toukiden2 #toukiden #toukidengameplay

A big demonic monsters and a whole load of weapons, lets go! Enjoy!

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Toukiden is a Monster Hunter like game that has you take on the role of a Slayer to bring down the Monsters or Demons. Lets see how it compares in a Toukiden VS Monster Hunter situation. Lets see how the Toukiden 2 gameplay is, how the Toukiden 2 armor functions and how the God Eater Weapons work in this guide to this game, lets take on Toukiden 2 playthrough as we have Toukiden 2 gameplay funny moments beating Toukiden as we enjoy Monster Hunter Rise!

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Blaha Plays Toukiden 2 Oneshot Tangent: Why the Naginata is broken

I love the weapon and am not even remotely good at the game, but with the paralysis naginata that really doesn’t matter.

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Toukiden 2- How to craft Mitama Weapons/postgame overview

The true game begins now.