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All credit is given (in the form of “sauce”) to the original creators of every piece of art used.

BROKEN REMIX! Legendary Eliwood/Yune Remix & New Refines: November Update [Fire Emblem Heroes]

Legendary Eliwood has ascended into godhood. Can anything stop this man?!

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ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 神階英雄 (循環を見守るもの ラルヴァ)

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L!ELIWOOD & YUNE REMIX STONKS! NEW REFINES, NEW Ephemeras & MORE! – Fire Emblem Heroes News [FEH]

A new update for Fire Emblem Heroes is on the way for November 2022! This FEH Update will feature new refines for Legendary Eliwood, Mythic Yune, Cynthia, Duo Hector, Petra, Python and Fallen F!Corrin. Legendary Eliwood has got a remix to his Vision of Arcadia and Yune for Chaos Named. We also get new Ephemera manuals with Ninja Navarre & Ewan being the highlights.

There are also other changes to Summoner Duels, Aether Raids and few other changes!

0:00 Legendary Eliwood Remix
3:09 Legendary Eliwood Refine
3:54 Yune Remix
5:02 Yune Refine
6:37 Python Refine
7:23 Cynthia Refine
8:14 Fallen Female Corrin Refine
8:45 Petra Refine
9:27 Duo Hector Refine
10:02 Next Month Refines
10:33 New Ephemera Units – Ninja Navarre & Ewan
11:13 Good Users of Ninja Naginata & Flashing Blade
12:13 Good Users of Sabotage Speed
13:22 New Ephemera Units – Bride Larum, Colm, Ferdinand, Camilla & Laslow
14:22 Summoner Duels & Aether Raids Update
15:12 Other Changes

�� Music Used:
– Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade – One Heart Eliwood’s Theme Orchestral Cover
– Child Of Chaos – Fire Emblem- Radiant Dawn
– Preparations- Deliverance – Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia
– But_ Frederick_ it’s nearly dark! – Fire Emblem- Awakening
– Land Below (Flow) – Fire Emblem Fates
– As Fierce as Fire – Fire Emblem Three Houses
– Hau’oli City (Night) – Pokemon Sun & Moon Music
– Virbank City Arrangement (Extended) ► Pokémon Black 2 & White 2

�� Thumbnail Art from Official FEH Manga Chapter 76 & 101 and Fire Emblem Heroes Third Anniversary art by Wada Sachiko.


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