Pascal – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

Pascal – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

This Pascal guide will explain everything about the red otter, from his love of Scallops to what you can do to get him to appear. Pascal is a character that

Following Pascal Past The Ocean Barrier | Animal Crossing New Horizons

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In this video, we EXPOSE where Pascal swims off to after he takes our scallop while swimming in the ocean. This is Animal Crossing New Horizons mystery is finally solved.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons where to find Pascal the otter

Animal Crossing New Horizons where to find Pascal the otter tutorial to see how to give more scallops to him. See the rest of the guide at

Meeting Pascal the otter for the first time is a relatively easy process. However, you might find yourself grinding for ages in the water or hunting everywhere on your island to find him. Hopefully, the video will save you a little time and help you get to the good stuff that the ACNH wave 1 summer update has got to offer.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: PASCAL, all MERMAID ITEMS & get MORE PEARLS (ACNH Complete Guide)

A complete guide for Pascal, all 21 Mermaid Items and how to get more Pearls in Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update.
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Today we breakdown everything you need to know about the Animal Crossing New Horizons special character Pascal, in this complete guide.
We cover how to encounter Pascal along with a few do’s and don’t’s, take a more in-depth look at the expensive and rare Pearl crafting materials.
We complete the guide by highlighting all 21 Mermaid items, including every single Mermaid furniture and clothing item.
Plus we have some tips and tricks along the way for anyone playing Animal Crossing New Horizons and looking to find more Scallops or more Pearls.
Have you seen Pascal yet? What items has he already given you? Let us know in the comments ��

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How to farm HIGH TURNIP PRICES | Animal Crossing New Horizons guide to the stalk market

Turnip calculator

Danies turnip guide:

These prices aren’t for you to sell turnips. You could buy turnips at the start of each week and loose more money then you could ever make back. These prices are for you to open your island to other in exchange for tips such as bells or nmt. However if you have a friend or someone you trust you can farm a high price and then they can run back and forward from your islands and split the loot

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How to farm HIGH TURNIP PRICES | Animal Crossing New Horizons guide to the stalk market