Rare Heartless – Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Guide

Rare Heartless – Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Guide

Below is a video guide on where to find all of the rare Heartless in the

Let’s Play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Walkthrough – PS4 HD Remix 100% – Rare Nuts – Part 29

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (HD Remix) Walkthrough with Simon


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Let’s Play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix
– Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
– Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Walkthrough



Thank you for tuning in to my KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD Remix walkthrough / let’s play. I will be playing on the recently released PS4 1.5 / 2.5 Remaster collection but feel free to follow along if you’re playing the game on any system!

For this series we will be starting with the game that kicked of the beloved KINGDOM HEARTS franchise.

KINGDOM HEARTS follows the main protagonist Sora, a Keyblade wielder, as he travels to many Disney worlds with Donald and Goofy to stop the Heartless invasion by sealing each world’s keyhole and restore peace to the realms.

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Power Stone Location – KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX (KH1 Final Mix)

Power Stone Location – KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX (KH1 Final Mix)

Power Stone Location. Traverse Town second district dropped by the rare heartless “Sniperwilds”.

Thanks for watching and I hope this helps.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX – COMPLETE GUIDE: Ultima Weapon / Item Synthesis / New Heartless (KH Final Mix)


Quick Tip: Type [CTRL+F] (Windows) on your keyboard to find what you are looking for faster.

Blaze Shard dropped by Red Nocturne (1:04)
Blaze Gem dropped by Bandit or Fat Bandit (1:11)

Bright Shard dropped by Green Requiem (1:20)
Bright Gem dropped by Search Ghost (1:33)
Bright Crystal dropped by Defender (1:44)

Frost Shard dropped by Blue Rhapsody (1:58)
Frost Gem dropped by Sea Neon or Sheltering Zone (2:05)

Lucid Shard dropped by Shadow or Gigas Shadow (2:23)
Lucid Gem dropped by Wight Night or Gargoyle (2:37)
Lucid Crystal dropped by Dark Ball (2:50)

Power Shard dropped by Powerwild or Bouncywild (3:06)
Power Gem dropped by Pirate, Air Pirate or Battleship (3:12)
Power Crystal dropped by Wyvern (3:19)

Spirit Shard dropped by Soldier or Large Body (3:36)
Spirit Gem dropped by Air Soldier (3:49)

Thunder Shard dropped by Yellow Opera (3:58)
Thunder Gem dropped by Screwdiver or Aqua Tank (4:11)

Mythril Shard dropped by Pot Spider (and also Behemoth in End of the World) (4:21)

Shiny Crystal dropped by Wizard (4:30)

Gale dropped by Invisible or Angel Star (4:40)

Mystery Goo dropped by White Mushroom, Rare Truffle, Black Fungus or Pink Agaricus (4:53)

Orichalcum bought from Item Shop (5:25)

Mythril can be found and synthesized (5:31)

Dark Matter can be synthesized and found in the following locations:
-Win Pegasus Cup time trial (Minigame, only works once)
-Complete the third Jungle Slider course finding fruit (Minigame)
-Yellow Trinity mark in Neverland (Chest)
-White Trinity mark in Monstro, Chamber 6 (Chest)
-In high wooden balcony at Wonderland, Tea Party Garden (Chest)
-Hidden by branches in Bouncing Spot, Hundred Acre Wood, use lock on to find it (Chest)
-There will be a new door that wasn’t there before (after sealing the keyhole) in Halloween Town, Graveyard 2.
-Freeze air bubble next to save point and use it as platform in Hollow Bastion, Waterway (Chest)
-Found high up on Main Street, Agrabah (Chest)
-On the right staircase in Grand Hall, Hollow Bastion (Chest)
-Enter Giant Crevasse and glide forward in End of the World (Chest)


Energy Stone dropped by Stealth Soldier (5:48)

Dazzling Stone dropped by Jet Balloon (6:17)

Blazing Stone dropped by Chimaera (6:46)

Frost Stone dropped by Grand Ghost (9:06)

Lightning Stone dropped by Black Ballade (10:05)

Mythril Stone dropped by Pot Scorpion (11:17)

Stormy Stone dropped by Neoshadow (12:59)

Power Stone dropped by Sniperwild (14:11)

Serenity Power dropped by Pink Agaricus (15:30)

Fury Stone dropped by Gigas Shadow (18:14)

Creating the Ultima Weapon (19:58)

This guide tells you all the synthesis items locations and goes into detail on the new Final Mix only heartless. Be sure to have your whole party equipped with Lucky Strike and you need to equip Encounter Plus to have an easier time.

If you are having trouble re-encountering the special new heartless, go to your Gummi Ship and then come right back to the same world, then check the heartless location again, it will likely be there.

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This is my very high quality HD 1080p Let’s Play / Walkthrough for the English Version USA of the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX on Proud mode difficulty. This series is going through the newly localized Kingdom Hearts Final mix in HD on the PlayStation 3. This is Final Mix’s first appearance worldwide. 1.5 HD ReMIX released September 10, 2013.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix – Part 52: Rare Heartless Guide

Please read the description.

Before taking on the final optional boss in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, I decide to grind for some synthesis materials.This is definitely the most time consuming part of the game, so here I’ll be showing off the rare synthesis items only. Since I picked up the other materials throughout the playthrough, I won’t go after those here for the sake of saving time.

Below are the times where I find the rare Heartless/Synthesis Materials:

Sniper Wild/Power Stone – 1:45
Gigas Shadow/Fury Stone – 4:25
Black Ballad/Lightning Stone – 6:26
Pink Agaricus/Serenity Power – 7:18
Pot Scorpion/Mythril Stone – 10:37
Grand Ghost/Frost Stones – 11:52
Chimera/Blazing Stones – 12:30
Jet Balloon and Missile Divers/Dazzling Stone – 13:51
Stealth Shadow/Energy Stone – 14:33
Neo Shadow/Stormy Stone – 16:11

I also show off a couple of extra trophies, in case anyone is interested on getting them on their own. Just two more parts after this y’all; almost there. Anyway, enjoy!

* Difficulty: Final Mix Proud
* Strength: Magic
* Weakness: Attack
* Experience Rate: Dead of Night

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Developer: Square Enix 1st Production Department
Publisher: Square Enix
System: PlayStation 3